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Service, Maintenance, And Small Projects

The goal of our Service & Maintenance department is to serve customers who need help with “the little things.” We bring our customary care and attention to the headaches of homeownership, small-scale home improvement projects, and every little thing in between.

Home Maintenance The types of tasks we take care of for our clients are limited only by your imagination (or perhaps by the limitations of your patience when it comes to nagging problems). They might include nuisances such as a door that won't close properly, put-off tasks like installing wall shelving, or routine maintenance such as changing HVAC filters, power-washing patios, or resealing countertops and touching up tile grout. The list goes on (and on, and on). Services are available a la carte or via annual service contracts.

Small Projects Need your apartment repainted or your floors refinished? How about soundproofing the baby's room, replacing your kitchen cabinets, or renovating a bathroom? We can help plan, design and build projects of any scale.

Emergencies We handle urgent needs, too. Call us for a last-minute door hinge repair before a big party, or when a pipe bursts and causes water damage.

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Preconstruction If you are contemplating a larger renovation project, our pre-construction services help take the guesswork out of construction, budgeting and scheduling. We will handle asbestos abatement, probes and mockups, utility inspections and disconnects, temp services, demolition, security, pest control, and more.

The heart and soul-or is it the brains?-of our Client Services Department is a dedicated team of project managers and site personnel. They work exclusively in our clients' finished homes and are committed to delivering extraordinary service with a delicate hand. No job is too small-literally.

“We just got a request to change someone's lightbulb,” says Kevin Bailey, Field Manager. “Of course, the light fixture is 16 feet off the floor, so it's not as simple as it sounds.”

The services team can be reached by emailing

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